The Juggernaut Way: Chapter 5     

2000 - 2001
Marsha Voncina, a new computer technology and language arts instructor is employed at OSTCNE and joins the Team #1.
Marsha previously worked with the FIRST Husky Brigade at Northern High School in Pontiac. Also, her husband, Pet Voncinea, a designer at GM becomes a coach for the team.

Juggernauts kickoff the pilot of the first Oakland County Competitive Robotics Association (OCCRA) competition season.

The Team provides full support and participation of the students and faculty for running the competition.

We took 1st Place at the Rochester Tournament, and 3rd Place at the Pontiac Tournament.

We won our 1st County Championship in OCCRA.


We took Second Place at the Kettering Invitational.

Mr Mac

We were invited to set up a display at 3-D’s open house to talk to other companies about sponsoring FIRST teams.

We competed in the International Academy’s Sweet Repeat and won First Place in the Robot Competition.
Juggernauts in the MTA start work on the Kennedy Project where they design and repair workstations for training severely handicap people for employment.

We competed in the Chief Delphi Invitational. 

Our alliance takes First Place at the West Michigan Regional.

The Engineering Manufacturing Technology Department, which was inspired by the FIRST partnership between 3-D and OSTCNE, won the Exemplary Career-Technical Education Program Award.
The Juggernauts are Chairman’s Finalists for the second year in a row.
We did a presentation about FIRST and its impact on students, staff and engineers for the Michigan State Superintendent of Education, Mr. Thomas D. Watkins, Jr. and allowed him to drive the robot.
3-Dimensional Services became Oakland County Employer of the Year for all their support for educational programs in Oakland County.
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