The Juggernaut Way: Chapter 15     

2010 - 2011


At the Waterford Kettering Tournament, the team won 3rd Place and the Spirit of the Competition Award.
At the Roeper Tournament, the team won a Judges' Award.

At the Birmingham Seaholm Tournament, the team won the Quality Award.

At the County Championship in Holly, the team was semi-finalists..

The team participated in the Rochester Holiday Parade with teams #33, #201 and #245.

We competed at the Kettering Distric Event. We seeded 37th and won with our alliance partners the Killer Bees (#33) and the Oxford Robocats (#2317)

We competed at the Detroit Distric Event. We seeded 27th and made it to the quarter-finals with our alliance partners the Steel Armadillos (#818) and (#1025)
We received the District Chairman's Award.
         At the State Championship is Ypsilanti, we seeded 21st.
We did not compete at the World Championship event.
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