The Juggernaut Way: Chapter 17     

2012 - 2013


At the Rochester Stoney Creek Tournament, the team won the Quality Award.
At the County Championship we seeded 4th for the season

We selected Team #573 from Brother Rice and Marian High Schools, and were finalists in the County Championship.

At the Vex Tournament, Team 1A won a design award.
At the Notre Dame Tournament, The alliance of Team 1 and 1A won the tournament with partner Team 3098 from Waterford.

Team 1A also won the Excellence Award.Team 1B were Finalists.

All three teams qualified and competed at the State competition. Team 1A were quarterfinalists. Team 1B were Semifinalists.


The team competed at the Waterford District Tournament. They seeded 25th. They were semifinalists (with teams #2851 & #3539)
The team competed at the Troy District Tournament. They seeded 11th. They were quaterfinalists (with teams #2960 & #4779)
The team participated in many "Engineering Family Nights", demonstrating science principles to young people.     
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