The Juggernaut Way: Chapter 20     

2015 - 2016


The Team won a Judges' Award at the West Bloomfield Tournament.
At the Diversity Tournament at Marian High School, the team took second place.

At the Orchard Lake Tournament, the Juggernauts won the Technical Excellence Award.

The County Championships were held at Walled Lake Western High School. In the elimination matches, we were picked by the number 1 seed, Team 4384 from the International Academy East.
We made it to the finals, losing to Notre Dame Prep and OSTC-SW.


The team competed at the Kettering #1 District Event in Flint, MI. We seeded 18th, and were picked by the 6th alliance Captain #5067, the Steiner Steel Storm.
We lost in the Quarterfinals. But we did win the Engineering Inspiration Award
The team participated in "Family Engineering Night" events at the Technical Campuses, passing on our love for STEM education.
The team competed at the Marysville District Event for the first time.  We seeded 28th.  We won the Imagery Award in Honor of Jack Kamen.
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