Educational Resources

(For those of you who do robotics to learn stuff)


A Guide to Understanding Your Robot

Introduction      Electrical Terms and Concepts

How-To Guide Parts 1 and 2      How-To Guide Part 3


Programming and Controls 2008


Team Building Ideas (Flash Movie)


...And Useful Resources from our Colleagues

How to start and run a team

Team #27: Team Rush's Toolkit

Tips for Rookies

Team #115: Team Format and Sustainability

Team #1075: Advice for Teams

Team #2075: Team Handbook and Safety

Various Resources

FIRST Designs from Many Teams

Team #34: CAD Drawings of FIRST Components

Team #114: General Robot Building Info

Team #125: Java Programming and Controls

Team #188: Gearbox Design

Team #1322: A Variety of Tips and Tricks

Team #1718: A Variety of Resources

Team #2834: All About Scouting